All scriptures used in Exhortations are taken from the WORLD ENGLISH BIBLE (WEB). The World
English Bible is an updated version of the American Standard Version (
ASV), first published in 1901.  
Both translations are public domain versions of the Holy Scriptures. Praise the Lord for making these
translations available.

The WEB revision work is being done by
Rainbow Missions, Inc., a Colorado nonprofit corporation
- and
many volunteers who are born again and seeking to daily follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.
 If the Lord so moves you, tax-deductible financial gifts to help pay for WEB publishing and other
costs associated with this project may be made to:

Rainbow Missions Inc.  PO Box  275,  Mesa CO  81643-0275  USA

Thank you and God bless you Rainbow Missions.

My thanks also to
K. C. Allen for all of his work on the World English Bible as the online WEB Master.

I would also like to thank the good people at
TRUE GRACE MINISTRIES for their website where I
found the World English Bible.

I made three major
changes to the WEB translation in the writing of Exhortations.  

1)  The WEB in the original uses Yahweh for God's name instead of "Lord" or "God."  I agree with the
 revisers that God's proper name is really separate from the titles "Lord" or "God" in the original
 Hebrew, thus the proper name Yahweh.  For the purposes of Exhortations I was much more
 concerned about cultural familiarity so I changed Yahweh to "the Lord," "God" and "Lord of

2)   In the WEB version pronouns are often not capitalized when referring to God.  I decided to
 capitalize all pronouns that referred to Yahweh because I didn't want there to be any ambiguity
 when Yahweh was speaking or being addressed.

3)   Finally, because Exhortations is a formal doctrinal statement I got rid of most of the contractions
 used in the WEB version.  

I made all of these changes because I felt it was what the Lord wanted
me to do.  If I have offended
any one associated with the WEB in making these changes, I apologize.  

All of the above subjects concerning the revision work and much more is explained in the World
English Bible:  Frequently Asked Questions (

The following copyrights apply only if you plan on publishing
Exhortations and selling it.

Poorwiseman.com  Copyright  2007 by Rod Alexander   All rights reserved.

Exhortations  Copyright  2007 by Rod Alexander as a derived work based upon the Holy Scriptures.

Other than the above exception,
you have the right to download, make copies and freely distribute
Exhortations as far as the Lord leads you.  I am open to all forms of free media distribution so drop
me a line and let me know what you are up to or ideas you might have.  
                                                   Rod Alexander